Associate Professor Ashley Mansell

  • Honorary Research Associate

Associate Professor Ashley Mansell is a member of the Centre for Innate Immunity and Infectious Diseases.

Associate Professor Ashley Mansell from the Pattern Recognition Receptors and Inflammation Research Group at Hudson Institute


After completing his PhD in 2002 at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland, he returned to Australia in 2002 to lead the Toll-like receptor (TLR) research group under Prof Paul Hertzog here at the Hudson Institute, where he has continued to work on the relatively new research field of PRR signal transduction and its role in inflammatory diseases. A/Prof Mansell established his own group here at Hudson Institute in 2007.

His research group is primarily interested in understanding how PRRs recognise and signal to initiate the pro-inflammatory response, with recent focus on the role of the PRR Inflammasome family and their role in inflammatory diseases. His group are also investigating TLR-induced immunometabolism and the non-canonical role of STAT3 and TBK kinases in mediating mitochondrial reprogramming and inflammation. His group have made critical discoveries on how this pathway is turned off after activation to limit inflammation and therapeutic strategies to target inflammasome-mediated disease.

He has long-standing collaborations with leading researchers in the field, both within Australia and overseas.

Associate Professor Mansell has published his research in the highest-ranking journals, including NatureNature Immunology, Nature CommunicationsPNASPLoS Pathogens, Journal of Hepatology and the Journal of Biological Chemistry.  His research has been acknowledged by invitations to present at numerous international and national conferences, and he is the holder of research funding within Australia (NHMRC, Cancer Council) and overseas (Association for International Cancer Research).


ORCID ID: 0000-0002-6540-1281

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