Annual Reports

We are pleased to present the 2023 Annual Report, acknowledging the achievements of our scientists and students.

In the Annual Report, you will meet some of the extraordinary scientists who are advancing healthcare through scientific discovery. The work of these true innovators in safeguarding the health of all Australians could not be possible without our many supporters. We graciously thank all our donors and funding bodies, both big and small. Their commitment to seeing the translation of science into better health is inspirational.

2020 Annual Report

In this issue

  • Hudson Institute builds on commercial success
  • Inflammation researchers tackle COVID-19
  • Saving lives with cell therapies
  • Male fertility under the microscope
  • Your endometriosis questions answered
  • A mystery solved | NEC
  • Ovarian cancer treatment hope
  • Pelvic organ prolapse treatment
  • Cord clamping discovery
  • Crohn’s disease and future health
  • Personalised cancer treatments closer
  • Cord blood for brain injury

2019 Annual Report

In this issue

  • Finding the cause of endometriosis
  • Tackling fetal growth restriction
  • Unlocking the microbiome
  • Clues to stomach cancer discovered
  • Saving lives with cell therapies
  • Supporting our emerging leaders
  • Targeting childhood cancer
  • Uniting to fight ovarian cancer
  • From research discovery to patient care

2018 Annual Report

In this issue

  • World-first trial of placental cell treatment
  • Could friendly bacteria be a cure for childhood IBD?
  • Early detection screening for ovarian cancer.
  • Hope for early stomach cancer diagnosis
  • Experts tackle children’s cancer
  • Hudson-Monash Paediatric Precision Medicine Program
  • Children’s health | Helping newborns breathe
  • Cancer therapies trigger the innate immune system
  • Dad’s health at conception could impact children

2017 Annual Report

In this issue

  • Precision medicine targets pancreatic cancer
  • Hope for ovarian cancer treatments
  • Centre for Functional Genomics
  • Hudson Monash Precision Medicine Program
  • Pooling paediatric cancer expertise
  • Protecting preterm babies
  • Reducing stillbirth
  • Stopping lung inflammation in preterm babies
  • Protecting the preterm brain
  • The future of stem cell therapies
  • Miracle tissue provides hope
  • Solutions for pelvic organ prolapse
  • Detecting endometrial cancer earlier
  • Fighting a deadly pandemic

2016 Annual Report

In this issue

  • WWI antiseptic could be key to fighting 21st century viral infections
  • Breakthrough for lung cancer and emphysema offers hope to patients
  • Australian-first service to help children with brain tumours
  • Hope for bladder cancer patients
  • World first – a way forward for a hidden condition
  • Non-invasive swab test for endometrial cancer
  • Findings may help women struggling with fertility

2015 Annual Report

In this issue

  • Hope for our tiniest patients
  • Inaugural Fielding Foundation Fellowship
  • New syndrome identified
  • Reducing global HIV infection
  • Inflammation breakthrough
  • Outstanding breast cancer researcher
  • Technology Platforms

2014 Annual Report

In this issue

  • New pathways for treating pulmonary hypertension
  • Protecting against viral infection
  • Blocking deadly inflammation and bacterial diseases
  • Preventing and treating pre-eclampsia
  • Protecting the heart from the world’s biggest killer

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