• POP | Images showing cellular expression on 3D printed degradable pelvic meshes

    Research transforming pelvic organ prolapse treatment

    This research has the potential to revolutionise therapies for pelvic floor regeneration and enable personalised medicine for women.…  Read more

  • Professor Elizabeth Hartland honoured for services to medical research

    Hudson CEO honoured for services to medical research

    Hudson Institute’s Director and CEO, Professor Elizabeth Hartland, is among the recipients of the Order of Australia in the King’s Birthday Honours list, for services to medical research.…  Read more

  • Professor Seth Masters researching Childhood lupus

    Genetic changes identified as key to childhood lupus

    Hudson Institute researcher Professor Seth Masters, working with colleagues at China’s Guangzhou Women and Children’s Medical Center, has identified a specific genetic variant which contributes to the development of childhood-onset lupus.…  Read more

  • Cade Watts, a beautiful soul, tragically passed away at the young age of 15 from a rare and terrible form of cancer; Ewing Sarcoma.

    Climbing for Cade: honouring a young life cut short

    Cade Watts was only 15 when he died, but his family and friends are determined that his legacy will be large – their fundraiser for sarcoma research, Climbing for Cade, has made sure of that.…  Read more

  • ,Dr Elly Jarred CRH Postdoctoral Scientist, awarded prestigious Lalor Foundation Fellowship

    Prestigious Lalor Foundation Fellowship awarded

    Congratulations to Dr Elly Jarred, a Postdoctoral Scientist in the Germ Cell Development and Epigenetics Lab headed by Associate Professor Patrick Western, who has just been awarded the prestigious Lalor Foundation Fellowship worth US$55,000. …  Read more

  • Laren and Chase Whalley with Associate Professor Atul Malhotra

    World-first cord blood trial helps unborn stroke victims

    When unborn babies suffer a stroke, the potential damage can be life-long, so Hudson Institute of Medical Research is aiming to change that using the stem cells found in umbilical cord blood (UCB).…  Read more

  • Professor Elizabeth Hartland, Director and CEO of Hudson Institute

    Hudson News Winter 2024: Director’s message

    Every day we are reminded that women’s health conditions don’t receive the funding or priority in medical research that they should. Women are more likely to die from a heart attack, twice as likely to have a hip replacement fail (prosthetic hips have been developed for the male body), more likely to be over medicated (women are frequently excluded from clinical trials) and less likely to have their pain taken seriously.…  Read more

  • Endometriosis advocates: two women, one goal

    Like most endometriosis sufferers, Maddy Forster went from knowing very little about the disease to being something of an expert, but it was a process that took years and included many wrong turns along the way.…  Read more

  • Professor Caroline Gargett in the lab

    Endometriosis diagnosis could be all in the blood

    Professor Caroline Gargett has spent decades working to address the two major issues presented by endometriosis: earlier diagnosis and better treatment.…  Read more

  • (L-R): Dianne Barlow, A62 District Cord Blood Research Coordinator with Dr Suzie Miller, Centre Head of Ritchie Centre

    Inner Wheel Foundation: successful science

    Collaborations are a vital part of successful science, whether they are researchers from different backgrounds creating a synergy greater than the sum of its parts or the connection between funders and the work they support.…  Read more

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