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Victorian mother Karen Thrussell shares rare cancer diagnosis story after doctors find 7.5kg tumour
Associate Professor Jason Cain
7 News

Sarcoma awareness month
Associate Professor Jason Cain
Radio | 2ST Highlands with Graeme Day

View video | A veteran and mum of two is sharing her story in hopes of raising awareness about sarcoma


Placenta cells may lower blood pressure
Associate Professor Rebecca Lim
Medical Express

Scientists find clues to endo diagnosis, and it is all in the blood
Professor Caroline Gargett
Herald Sun | Online
Herald Sun | Print

Low-renin hypertension affects more than 1 in 4 Aussies
Dr Sonali Shah, Associate Professor Jun Yang
The Limbic

King’s Birthday honours 2024
Professor Elizabeth Hartland
The Mandarin

Agony and the urge to pee: the growing evidence giving hope to chronic UTI sufferers
Associate Professor Sam Forster
The Guardian

Monash Children’s find early intervention key to cerebral palsy
Associate Professor Atul Malhotra
Herald Sun


Australian Menstrual Fluid Biobank Created to Revolutionize Endometriosis Diagnosis and Treatment
Professor Caroline Gargett

The ‘triple hit’ of illnesses that explains why everyone in Australia is getting sick at the moment
Daily Mail UK

World-first cord blood trial targets unborn stroke victims
Associate Professor Atul Malhotra, Dr Gordon McPhee
TV | 9News
Radio | 774 The Conversation

View video | 9News exclusive on World-first cord blood trial targets unborn stroke victims at Hudson

Medical research sold short
Professor Elizabeth Hartland
Herald Sun

Australia unveils national medical research strategy
Professor Elizabeth Hartland
Medical Buyer


Lab makes room for cancer cure
Associate Professor Jason Cain
Herald Sun – Print
Herald Sun – online

View video | My Room Children’s Charity creates new cancer research laboratory


Some of our key gut microbes likely came from cows—and we’re losing them
Associate Professor Sam Forster

Endometriosis breakthrough set to change treatment for women
Dr Fiona Cousins
Herald Sun
Body and Soul


Groundbreaking Study: Fetal Growth Restriction Linked to Brainstem Damage, Unveils Therapy Pathways
Dr Beth Allison

‘I am hopeful’: Endometriosis treatment news Aussie women need to hear
Dr Fiona Cousins
TV | 9news
Herald Sun

VIEW VIDEO | On 9 NEWS, Dr Fiona Cousins discusses what Endo is and what her research is aiming to achieve.

Groundbreaking Grant Fuels BiomeBank’s Pioneering Microbial Therapeutics Manufacturing in Australia
Associate Professor Sam Forster
BNN Breaking

The untapped potential of stem cells in menstrual blood
Professor Caroline Gargett

Noxopharm extends strategic partnership with Hudson Institute of Medical Research

Australian Biotech Company Takes Big Step Towards Becoming Global Leader 
A/Prof Sam Forster
Get the word out

Making Earlier Detection of Ovarian Cancer a Reality
Investing News Network
Entrepreneur Canada

How does diet before and during pregnancy affect the baby?
Dr Emily Camm
World Today News
Time News

Childhood cancer research at Hudson Institute

View Video | The Hon. Ben Carroll speaks about our childhood cancer research at the Legislative Assembly on 8 February 2024.

Stem Cells in Menstrual Blood Have Thrilling Potential for Health, Including Diagnosing Endometriosis
Professor Caroline Gargett
Health Times
Good News Network
WDC TV news
Pune Media

Placenta cells may lower blood pressure, study finds
Lab+Life Scientist

Discovery Could Lead to Immune-Personalised Medicine for Lupus
Technology Networks

Here’s what happens to your penis as you age
Professor Rob McLachlan
The Conversation

Boffins close to breakthrough to dealing with high blood pressure
Great Walks
Lab+Life Scientist


Investing in Groundbreaking Technology to Revolutionize Vaccine Development

Placenta cells may lower blood pressure
Lab+Life Scientist
Medical Xpress

The untapped potential of stem cells in menstrual blood
Professor Caroline Gargett
Knowable Magazine | PDF

Scientists develop innovative therapy battles flu and protect lungs
Associate Professor Michelle Tate

Ovarian cancer hope
Star Weekly