Why study at Hudson Institute?

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PhD Students at Hudson Institute

Give your career the ultimate head start and take your place at the cutting-edge of biomedical science at Hudson Institute, the choice for tomorrow’s research leaders.

Hudson Institute’s student-centred learning environment fosters excellence and innovation to help students develop the confidence and tools to succeed. Under one-on-one supervision and mentorship of international scientific leaders, our students have access to state-of-the-art resources, technology platforms and development opportunities including student-centred workshops, seminars and national and international conference opportunities.

Students and Hudson Institute, Alex Bell, Laura Moffitt, Rama Ravinthiran, Nicole and Sharn Balachandran
Students in the lab at Hudson Institute

Why study at Hudson Institute?

Hudson Institute students join a specialist Research Group in one of our five Research Centres, working on a research project focused on tackling Australia’s biggest health challenges across cancer, inflammation and reproduction and development.

Our students are predominantly enrolled through Monash University.

Hudson Institute postgraduate students play an important role in our success, both here in Australia and on the global stage. We are there, every step of the way, to guide and challenge our students and celebrate their success.

IMPACT | Translational medical research, with the opportunity to make a real-world impact.

EXCELLENCE | Conduct research in a world-class institute using state-of-the art technologies and obtain a degree through Monash University, a top-50 university.

CLINICAL RESEARCH | Onsite proximity of researchers and Monash Health clinicians with a Clinical Trials Centre, provides a powerful influence on change.

COMMERCIALISATION | Unique student-centred training experience through exposure to partnerships with industry.

TECHNOLOGY | Access leading research technologies through Hudson Institute and Monash to accelerate your research and develop your technological expertise.

CAREER DEVELOPMENT AND TRAINING | All supervisors are accredited through Monash University.

COMMUNITY | Our open collaborative structure creates a vibrant environment to thrive. Hudson Institute is not all about work. Our students get involved with institute life and social events, and join a wide range of student-centred social activities organised by the Hudson Institute Student Society.