Auto-inflammatory diseases stem from an overactive innate immune system. My research aims to identify the underlying causes of auto-inflammatory diseases, which is crucial for determining the most effective treatment strategies.

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Professor Seth Masters, Centre Head of the Centre for Innate Immunity and Infectious Diseases

Areas of interest

Inflammation and cancer Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) Lupus

Research group

Innate Immune and Autoinflammatory Disease


Professor Seth Masters studies inflammation initiated by the innate immune system. In particular, his research focuses on uncovering new innate immune pathways driving auto-inflammatory diseases. Through a deep understanding of these pathways at a molecular level, Professor Masters is identifying which therapies may be the most efficacious for individual auto-inflammatory disease patients.

His work has characterised seven novel auto-inflammatory diseases, providing a definitive genetic diagnosis for the patients and families. In many cases this has led to successful therapeutic intervention.

Professor Master’s research has also shown how the same innate immune pathways contribute to conditions such as inflammatory bowel disease, asthma, metabolic diseases, and even neurodegeneration.

Innate immune pathways investigated by Professor Masters include

  • The inflammasome, a protein complex which causes the production of IL-1b and IL-18
  • Innate immune sensing of DNA, RNA or misfolded proteins, triggering type I IFN
  • Inflammation associated with cytokines such as G-CSF, IL-6 and TNF.

Professor Masters works with Industry partners Odyssey Therapeutics and NRG Therapeutics.

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