Technology platforms and capabilities

Scientist at Hudson Institute working in the technology platforms and capabilities facility.

Our pursuit of excellence is underpinned by world-leading capabilities and expertise through our integrated network of Technology Platforms.

To achieve the highest level of quality, the MHTP Partners have made significant investments in our technology capabilities that operate within a unified strategy, governance and quality framework. Several technology platforms have already achieved NATA accredited promoting shared research and clinical utilisation. Access is available via a collaborative or fee-for-service model throughout the MHTP as well as to national scientific communities.

Creating seamless interaction between use of technology platforms, research and clinical trials capabilities, our Technology Platforms are co-located on a central floor within our new $84M Translational Research Facility (TRF). This not only makes them easily accessible, but also enables innovative approaches to research that integrate knowledge generated from multiple state-of-the-art technologies.

RNAte Technology Platform

Cell therapies and regenerative medicine

Flow cytometry



Micro imaging


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