The COVID pandemic has shown that vaccines, which take time to develop and roll out, can’t be relied on. We need new host-targeted drugs that can be stockpiled for rapid use to save lives for the next pandemic – which is inevitable.

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Associate Professor Michelle Tate influenza

Areas of interest

COVID-19 Influenza Pneumonia

Research group

Viral Immunity and Immunopathology


Associate Professor Tate is an international leader in the fields of viral pathogenesis and immunotherapies. She has made significant contributions to understanding the process by which viral infections cause disease and identifying new host-directed therapeutic targets and treatment strategies.

VIEW VIDEO | Assoicate Professor Michelle Tate and Dr Chris Harpur explain the Flu.

A/Prof Tate’s research interests lie primarily in understanding the molecular mechanisms and host pathways involved in the development of hyperinflammation and severe disease, such as during an influenza A virus infection, as well incurable chronic respiratory diseases such as silicosis and COPD.

Her research program is underpinned by an exceptional track record in translational research and deep involvement in the discovery and biopharma development of novel anti- inflammatory and anti-viral drugs.

A/Prof Tate’s research has been recognised by numerous prestigious awards and NHMRC/MRFF fellowships and grants. She is an editorial board member of three journals – Journal of Virology, Virology Journal and Pathogens.


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