Clinical trials

Be a part of medical research with our current clinical trials.

Diet and the body’s microbiome


  • Aged 18-65 years old
  • No underlying medical conditions
  • Are available October and November 2023
  • Able to complete a two-month dietary study and agree to eating all meals provided
  • Have regular (almost daily) bowel movements
  • Can attend fortnightly visits to our research facility in Notting Hill
  • Commit to self-collecting stool samples
  • Have access to a domestic oven

REMASTER Trial – high blood pressure


  • 8 years or older.
  • Have high blood pressure (>140/90mmHg) or are taking one or two high blood pressure medications.
  • Have low renin (a hormone measured with a simple blood test through your family doctor).
  • Able to attend the Endocrine Hypertension clinic at Monash Health for seven visits in a year.
    Clinic location: Department of Endocrinology, on Level 3, Block E, Monash Medical Centre, Clayton.

Endometrial Origins of Stillbirth (EOS) Study

Have you been pregnant in the past 3 years? Participants needed in our EOS Study.


  • Live in Victoria
  • Aged 18-40
  • Have a menstrual period
  • And is NOT on hormonal contraceptives
  • Have been pregnant in the past 3 years, including any of the following;
    • Preterm birth or stillbirth (20-37 weeks)
    • Second-trimester miscarriage (12-20 weeks)
    • Placental insufficiency (preeclampsia or fetal growth restriction)
    • Term, live birth (37+ weeks)