Dr Ellen Jarred is a member of the Germ Cell Development and Epigenetics Research group in the Centre for Reproductive Health.

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Areas of interest

Female infertility Testicular cancer

Research group

Germ Cell Development and Epigenetics


Dr Elly Jarred is a postdoctoral researcher working with A/Prof Patrick Western in the Germ Cell Development and Epigenetics Group at the Hudson Institute of Medical Research.

Dr Jarred completed her Bachelor of Science (Hons) at Monash University in 2017 with a focus on genetics and molecular biology. She then completed her PhD under the supervision of A/Prof Patrick Western, graduating in 2022. Her research is focussed on understanding how epigenetic modifications, alterations to DNA or associated histone proteins, regulate which genes are active or inactive in the cell. Using genetic and pharmacological models, Dr Jarred studies how epigenetic modifications are established within growing eggs (oocytes) to ensure proper offspring development. She also investigates how epigenetic modifications within supporting cells of the ovary regulate ovarian function to support female fertility and endocrine health.

Collectively her work seeks to understand the role of epigenetic modifications in female reproductive health, to gain insights into non-genetic and environmental contributions to conditions impacting female reproductive health and fertility.

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