Dr Jennifer Hutchison is an Honorary Research Associate in the Testis Development and Male Germ Cell Biology laboratory, led by Professor Kate Loveland. Jennifer completed her Bachelor of Science (Honours) in 2016 at Te Herenga Waka, Victoria University of Wellington. Her honours project focussed on oocyte secreted factors and their interactions with granulosa cells with the supervision of Associate Professor Janet Pitman. In 2021, primarily supervised by Professor Lois Salamonsen, Jennifer completed her PhD studies focussing on obesity associated infertility, and the effect of Advanced Glycation Endproducts on maternal-fetal interactions.

Selected publications

  • Salamonsen LA, Hutchison JC, Gargett CG (2021) Cyclical endometrial repair and regeneration. Development 148 (17), dev199577.

  • Gurner K, Evans J, Hutchison JC, Harvey AJ, Gardner DK (2021) A microenvironment of high lactate and low pH created by the blastocyst promotes endometrial receptivity and implantation. Reproductive BioMedicine Online (In press).

  • Hutchison JC, Truong TT, Salamonsen LA, Gardner DK, Evans (2020) Advanced Glycation End Products present in the obese uterine environment compromise preimplantation embryo development. Reproductive BioMedicine Online 41 (5) 757-766.

  • Azlan A, Salamonsen LA, Hutchison JC, Evans J (2020) Endometrial inflammasome activation accompanies menstruation and has implications for systemic inflammatory events of the menstrual cycle. Human Reproduction 30 (6), 1363-1376.

  • Evans J, Hutchison JC, Salamonsen LA, Greening DW (2020) Proteomic insights into endometrial receptivity and embryo-endometrial epithelium interaction for implantation reveal critical determinants of fertility. Proteomics 20 (1):e1900250.