Dr. Ina Rudloff, an immunologist with expertise in inflammatory diseases and cytokine biology, trained at Friedrich-Schiller-University and Johann Wolfgang Goethe-University in Germany and received a highly competitive fellowship from the German Research Foundation to undertake a PhD in Theoretical Medicine. In 2012, Ina was recruited to the ‘Interventional Immunology in Early Life Diseases’ group of Professors Marcel and Claudia Nold at the Hudson Institute. Her discoveries on novel anti-inflammatory cytokines contributed to the establishment of two major industry programs (Hofmann La Roche and Wolf Biotherapeutics) and to an ongoing Phase I/II clinical trial for the prevention of a neonatal lung disease.

Dr. Rudloff currently investigates the function and therapeutic potential of novel immune modulators, including the more recently discovered IL‑37 and IL‑38, but also of biologicals that inhibit cytokine activity by blocking their intracellular signalling cascades. With a strong interest in promoting the translation of basic science into applied interventional immunology, Ina explores the role of these modulators in clinically relevant models of paediatric diseases such as necrotising enterocolitis (NEC) and autoimmune diseases such as systemic lupus erythematosus (lupus, SLE). The ultimate goal of Ina’s research is to influence clinical practise through the development of improved treatments for severe inflammatory conditions.

Selected publications

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