Professor Guiying Nie, Senior Research Fellow

Professor Guiying Nie is a member of the Centre for Reproductive Health.

Professor Giuying Nie from the Implantation and Placental Development Research Group at Hudson Institute


Professor Guiying Nie is an authority on embryo implantation and placental development. Her research focuses on human uterus-embryo interaction for implantation, implantation failure in IVF, placental development and pregnancy complications, particularly preeclampsia. She is also interested in reproductive cancer and non-hormonal contraception.

Prof Nie obtained her PhD from the University of Essex, UK, and then travelled to the United States where she completed postdoctoral training at the Brookhaven National Laboratory in New York. She subsequently joined Prince Henry’s Institute, now Hudson Institute of Medical Research, and embarked on a rewarding career in reproductive biology. Now a Fellow of the Society of Reproductive Biology, she remains committed to research in female reproductive health.

Prof Nie works closely with specialist clinicians to address key women’s health issues. Her current research program focuses on developing clinical tools that will enable IVF scientists and clinicians to accurately predict when a woman is most likely to achieve successful implantation, and will also enable them to select the best quality embryos for transfer. Her work also focuses on developing new strategies to diagnose and treat pregnancy complications, especially early onset preeclampsia.

Prof Nie’s research has resulted in over 100 peer-reviewed publications, the majority as first or senior author in top discipline-specific or high impact general journals. A sought after speaker, she has presented her work at numerous national and international conferences and is regularly asked to review major national and international grants. She has also served on a number of editorial boards, including a current position on the Editorial Board of Reproductive Sciences. She is an executive member of Australian and New Zealand Placental Research Association (ANZPRA). As well as the National Health and Medical Research Council of Australia, Prof Nie receives funding support from Monash IVF, the CASS Foundation and international funding bodies such as CONRAD/CICCR (USA), ESHRE (Europe), Ferring and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

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