Hudson News Winter 2022

By Rob Clancy, staff writer

Director’s message

Welcome to Hudson News Winter 2022. In this issue we are proud to officially launch our Women’s Health Appeal in connection with Mother’s Day, as well as continuing to highlight our world-leading research into conditions that are often overlooked by research and greatly affect women’s lives. 

Director's message, Professor Elizabeth Hartland, for Hudson News Winter 2022 – Women's Health Appeal.
Institute Director and CEO, Professor Elizabeth Hartland

As I write this, Mother’s Day is fast approaching and we look forward to celebrating and honouring our mothers as well as motherhood in all its forms. Becoming a mother is one of life’s most amazing events, but the health consequences can be significant and lifelong. I am also aware that for many families, Mother’s Day may be a complicated, sad and difficult time. 

Hudson News women’s health

Dr Miranda Davies-Tuck and PhD researcher Kirstin Tindal are working to reduce rates of stillbirth, which have not moved in the last 20+ years. Six babies are stillborn each day in Australia and around 20 per cent of stillbirths remain unexplained, with Indigenous women 50 per cent more likely to have a stillborn baby than their non-Indigenous counterparts.  

Conditions and experiences like stillbirth, endometriosis and pelvic organ prolapse (POP) are unspoken health issues that often leave women feeling alone and frustrated. 

Professor Caroline Gargett and Dr Caitlin Filby are actively working to improve diagnosis and treatment for endometriosis and POP that dramatically impact the ability of women to live their lives fully. Professor Gargett is at the forefront of innovations to help women living with the crippling effects of POP as a result of birth trauma. She is working equally hard to end the pain of endometriosis, and even developing new methods of vaginal reconstruction. 

Her colleague Dr Caitlin Filby is tackling the challenge of finding a safe, reliable and early method of detection for endometriosis that avoids surgery, using a surprising new diagnostic tool.  

Improving the quality of women’s lives

At Hudson Institute, we believe that women have been silently suffering for too long with many of these under-researched conditions, so we are working to change that by translating innovative research into treatments and cures. 

Medical innovation in these areas has untapped potential to improve the quality of women’s lives and increase their pain-free participation in the workforce, and time with their children and families. 

In Hudson News Winter 2022 you will met people from our Endometriosis Community like Eliza, Jay, Keighli. Our science offers hope to these women for a better quality of life, and a cure for a condition that has impacted their lives since they were teenagers. 

As we work towards innovative treatments and cures, your support is key to ensuring that our scientists can solve these important challenges in women’s health. 

Welcome to Hudson News Winter 2022, I hope you are inspired to give generously to our Women’s Health Appeal, so together we can find more answers for these unspoken issues. I urge you to support our research today. 

With gratitude 

Professor Elizabeth Hartland
Director and CEO

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