Endometriosis research in focus on the airwaves

Hudson Institute’s endometriosis research was in focus on Melbourne radio over the weekend, as long-running science program Einstein A-Go-Go devoted its whole hour to the disease.

Dr Fiona Cousins, Endometriosis research in focus highlighted on 3RRR Broadcast.
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As part of Endometriosis Awareness Month Hudson’s own Dr Fiona Cousins joined a panel of experts to discuss the challenges and successes of endo research as well as the realities of living with this frequently misunderstood condition.

Among the worrying facts shared were that endometriosis affects as many Australians as asthma and diabetes, but receives only a fraction of the research funding that’s available for those conditions.

Earlier endometriosis detection and better treatment

Dr Cousins discussed the research under way at Hudson Institute into earlier detection of endometriosis and better methods of treatment, including her own work on harnessing the immune system to tackle endometrial lesions, in place of surgery.

Other guests included the CEO of Endometriosis Australia, Maree Davenport, surgeon Dr Kate Tyson from Epworth Hospital and President of the Australasian Society for Ultrasound in Medicine Alison Deslandes.

Listeners also heard from speaker and writer, Kate Kenfield, about her experience living with endometriosis and the enormous impact it has had on many aspects of her life.

Dr Huntington and A/Prof Martin hosted 3RRR Endo special on Einstein A-Go-go, with their five guests with endometriosis research in focus.
L–R: Dr Shane Huntington, Kate Kenfield, A/Prof Jen Martin, Dr Kate Tyson, Maree Davenport, Alison Deslandes, Dr Fiona Cousins

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Einstein A-Go-Go is the resident science program on Melbourne community radio station 3RRR, which has run every Sunday for more than 20 years, hosted by Dr Shane Huntington (Dr Shane) and Associate Professor Jen Martin (Dr Jen).

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