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Radio National – Big Ideas, Increasing our power over life. Dr Hayley Dickinson speaks at Australian Academy of Science’s ‘LIFE in Perth’ event. Aired 7 December 2016



The Age – WWI antiseptic could fight common cold – and tackle superbugs, 28 November 2016

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ABC 774 – Breakfast with Red Symons – Interview with Dr Michael Gantier, 28 November 2016

3AW – Breakfast with Ross and John – Interview with Dr Michael Gantier, 28 November 2016

ABC Perth – Mornings – Interview with Dr Michael Gantier, 28 November 2016

ABC – The World Today – Teaching old drugs new tricks, 28 November 2016

ABC News Online – Antiseptic used in WWI could hold key to treating superbugs, 28 November 2016

Nine News Melbourne

Seven News Melbourne

ABC News Melbourne

Ten Eyewitness News Melbourne

The Project, Researchers find surprising cure for deadly superbugs, 30 November 2016

Radio Adelaide – University of Adelaide – WWI Antiseptic shows future promise, 30 November 2016

The Timaru Herald (New Zealand), Rediscovered antiseptic from World War I could help fight superbugs, 29 November 2016

MSN (New Zealand), Antiseptic used in WWI could hold key to treating superbugs, viral infections, Melbourne researchers say, 29 November 2016

Radio New Zealand, Fifty-Year-Old Antiseptic Rediscovered, 29 November 2016

Cosmos Magazine, World War One antiseptic may become 21st century saviour, 28 November 2016

IFL Science, World War I Antiseptic Could Be Revived To Treat Superbugs, 29 November 2016

Science Alert, This forgotten WWI antiseptic could be the key to fighting antibiotic resistance And the common cold, 30 November 2016

Fox News (US), Antiseptic invented in 1912 could battle viruses and superbugs, 30 November 2016

Roche research collaboration

Australian Financial ReviewMonash University’s new medical research institute courted by big pharma, 13 November 2016

Pharma in Focus, Roche backs Aussie autoimmune research, 22 November 2016

Male contraception clinical trial – Professor Robert McLachlan

Herald Sun, Why big pharma won’t develop the male contraceptive that works, 2 November 2016

3AW Newstalk – 3 November 2016

6PR 882 Perth News Talk – 3 November 2016

The Daily Telegraph – Sue Dunlevy: Where’s the equality in the battle for the oral contraceptive? 3 November 2016

Triple J Hack – It’s 2016. Why don’t we have a male contraceptive pill? 31 October 2016


Triple R 102.7FM – Einstein A-Go-Go, Interview with Dr Jemma Evans,  11 September 2016

The Conversation: ‘Creatine – what is it and should we supplement our diets with it?’ – Dr Hayley Dickinson and Dr Stacey Ellery, 2 September 2016

The Ballarat Courier: ‘Unlocking a step to beat ovarian cancer’, 1 September 2016

Three parent IVF – expert reaction – Professor Justin St John

The Huffington Post Australia, ‘A baby born with three parents has changed humanity forever’, 28 September 2016

Nine News, World’s first baby born using DNA of three parents, 28 September 2016, World’s first ‘three parent baby’ is born using controversial IVF technique, 28 September 2016

Medulloblastoma and precision medicine

Herald Sun, ‘Children with common brain tumour to have routine analysis under national service’, 28 September 2016

Ten News, 28 September 2016

Seven News, 28 September 2016

Follistatin and Burns:

Herald Sun, Hope for burns victims as scar reduction trial fast-tracked, 21 September 2016

Ten News, 21 September 2016

Bladder cancer:

The Today Show, There has been a breakthrough in bladder cancer treatment, by re-activating a cancer fighting gene, 9 September 2016

Herald Sun: ‘Scientists find way to reignite bladder cancer fighting gene’, 9 September 2016


Coverage of Dr Hayley Dickinson’s team’s discovery on the link between creatine levels and birth size:

ABC Babytalk, Creatine- could it have an important role in pregancy? 22 September 2016

Herald Sun: ‘Fresh fish nutrient may boost baby size, Melbourne scientists discover’, 29 August 2016

The Age: ‘Sports supplement creatine may play role in babies’ healthy birth weight’, 29 August 2016

ABC News Online: ‘Melbourne study finds creatine levels could affect baby birth size’, 30 August 2016

ABC 774 Breakfast with Red Symons: Interview with Dr Hayley Dickinson, 30 August 2016

ABC TV – News Breakfast, 30 August 2016

Ten Eyewitness News: ‘Key to healthier babies?’, 30 August 2016

Nine News:  ‘Booming babies’, 30 August 2016

Seven News, 30 August 2016

Mama Mia: ‘Melbourne study finds creatine levels could affect baby birth size’, 29 August 2016

The Health Report, ABC Radio National, Interview with Professor David de Kretser, 29 August 2016
Dr Norman Swan interviews Professor David de Kretser on his team’s discovery that follistatin could be used to halt or prevent ischemia-reperfusion injury (IRI). The protein may help to stop this inflammatory process to prevent permanent damage or organ failure in the recipients of donated vital organs.

Herald Sun, Cerebral palsy hope: Melbourne stem cell newborn brain injury trial plan, 26 August 2016
Melbourne researchers plan to give stem cell-rich umbilical cord blood to newborns suspected of suffering brain ­injury during labour, as they aim for the earliest possible prevention of cerebral palsy.

Monash Leader, Dosed with studies on stem cells, Tuesday, 23 August 2016
Story about the Ritchie Centre Colloquium and Public Forum on cell therapies and regenerative medicine.

ABC 774, Breakfast with Red Symons, Interview with Dr Rebecca Lim, Wednesday, 24 August 2016
Dr Rebecca Lim speaks to Red Symons about the Ritchie Centre Public Forum on stem cells and regenerative medicine.


Breakthrough: Lung disease

ABC, The World Today, Lung cancer and emphysema may soon be detected by blood test, 26 July 2016. Listen here.

The Herald Sun, Breakthrough lung cancer drug discovery by Melbourne researchers, 25 July 2016.

Watch the story on Nine News, 26 July 2016

Watch the Seven News story, 26 July 2016

Ten Eyewitness News story, 26 July 2016

Listen to Triple M’s Hot Breakfast – Eddie McGuire and Luke Darcy’s interview with Professor Brendan Jenkins, 27 July 2016

Triple R – Einstein A-Go-Go, 17 July 2016
Hudson/ Ritchie Centre PhD student Nadia Bellofiore speaks about the discovery of the first menstruating rodent, the Cairo Spiny Mouse. Listen here.


Triple R – Einstein A-Go-Go, 26 June 2016
Hudson/ Ritchie Centre PhD student Emily Cohen speaks about intrauterine growth restriction. Listen here.

Triple R – Radiotherapy, 19 June 2016 
Professor Robert McLachlan interviewed on Triple R on the eve of Men’s Health Week about the importance of men’s reproductive health/ andrology. Listen here.

The Sydney Morning Herald, 13 June 2016 
Professor Robert McLachlan acknowledged in the 2016 Queen’s Birthday Honours for significant service to medicine in the field of endocrinology, particularly to men’s reproductive health, and to medical research. Read more.>


Four Corners, IVF doctors misleading women about success rates, industry experts say, The Baby Business, 30 May 2016
Hudson Institute Distinguished Scientist and IVF Pioneer Professor Alan Trounson appears on ABC Four Corners on an episode which looks at the IVF industry. Read more>

The Telegraph UK, Risks identified in three-parent baby fertilisation technique, 19 May 2016
Head of Hudson’s Centre for Genetic Diseases Professor Justin St John is quoted in a UK article on new research by the New York Stem Cell Foundation into risks associated with three-parent IVF. Read more.>

Endometriosis News Today, Progesterone Insensitivity Found in ‘Major’ Study to Be Present in Endometrial Stem Cells, 13 May 2016
Hudson Institute/ Ritchie Centre researchers have called a Californian study on endometrial stem cells a “major contribution” to the field of mesenchymal stem cells, with a commentary on the work calling for further studies to elucidate how defective cells lead to endometriosis. Read more.>

ABC Breakfast with Red Symons, 11 May 2016
Professor Rosemary Horne speaks about the Ritchie Centre Sleep Forum. Listen here.> (from around 1.17)

ABC Sunday mornings with Libbi Gorr, 8 May 2016
Professor Lois Salamonsen and Professor Robert McLachlan from Hudson Institute of Medical Research appear on Libbi Gorr’s Mother’s Day show talking about male and female fertility.

ABC Radio National, The Health Report, Growing your gut bugs, Monday, 9 May 2016
Dr Samuel Forster speaks with Dr Norman Swan about his work at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute in cataloguing gut microbiota. Listen here.>

International Business Times, Bacteria breakthrough, 6 May 2016
Scientists including Hudson Institute’s Dr Samuel Forster have revealed that they can grow beneficial bacteria in the laboratory and may one day re-create them in pill form. Read more.>

Herald Sun, Research breakthrough reveals gut bugs could spread through the air, 5 May 2016
Scientists, including a Melbourne researcher, Dr Samuel Forster from Hudson Institute of Medical Research, have made a breakthrough in growing more than 130 bacteria from the human intestine. Read more.>
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The Age, Lab-reared bacteria pave the way for bug drugs, 5 May 2016
A pill laden with potentially beneficial bacterial might one day treat people with gut disorders. Read more.>
Syndicated in:
Sydney Morning Herald
WA Today
Canberra Times
Newcastle Herald

International coverage on Hudson Institute/ Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute gut microbiota study:

The Telegraph UK, 4 May 2016

The Independent UK, 6 May 2016

Inquisitr, 4 May 2016

NHS Choices, 5 May 2016

Engaging Women, The breast cancer researcher, 6 May 2016
Profile on NBCF-funded researcher Dr Kristy Brown and her work on the links between obesity and breast cancer. Read more.>

Herald Sun, 4 May 2016
The Ritchie Centre at Hudson Institute of Medical Research and Monash University is hosting a free public lecture on 11 May 2016, examining the role of commercial sleep monitors like fitbits in monitoring children’s sleep. Read more.>

Monash Oakleigh Leader, In brief, 3 May 2016
The Ritchie Centre will host a free public forum on the role of commercial sleep devices in children’s sleep on Wednesday, 11 May 2016.

The Conversation, Why women’s eggs run out and what can be done about it, 3 May 2016
Professor Jock Findlay is the co-writer of an article in The Conversation on current and developing fertility options for women. Read more.>


The New Daily, How food before bed could be harming you, 27 April 2016
Story on Dr Kristy Brown’s research on obesity and breast cancer, and new US research showing links between eating before bed and recurrence of breast cancer. Read more.>

Endo News, Endocrine Society urges physicians to increase screening for primary aldosteronism, 27 April 2016
Professor John Funder chaired a taskforce that prepared a new Endocrine Society Clinical Practice Guideline calling on physicians to ramp up screening for primary aldosteronism, a common cause of high blood pressure. Read the full story.>

ABC Babytalk, 21 April 2016
Combining the healthy parts of two eggs could significantly help a woman to become pregnant during IVF, research by Professor Justin St John and his team at Hudson Institute of Medical Research has found. Listen here.>

Endo News, The Name Game, April edition
Dr Jun Yang speaks about her experience with attribution amid calls for a new numerical system for attributing publications to researchers. Read the article.>

Nine News Melbourne, Hunger link, 15 April 2016
Two stories on Dr Kristy Brown’s research into her breakthrough research into the links between the hunger suppressing hormone, ghrelin and oestrogen-dependent breast cancer. Watch the 6pm bulletin story on the Hudson Facebook page.>

Monash Leader RNA: Crucial letters, 12 April 2016
An article about the collaborative research project and $2M cancer drug clinical trial led by A/Prof Ron Firestein and Monash medical oncologist and Monash University Senior Research Fellow, Dr Arun Azad.

Einstein A Go Go, 3RRR 102.7FM, 3 April 2016
Hudson PhD student Elizabeth Fletcher spoke to Dr Shane on Triple R about heart disease and the contribution of aldosterone, the steroid hormone, to inflammation leading to heart disease. Listen here.>


Herald Sun, IVF breakthrough: Melbourne researchers develop technique to increase pregnancy chance, 24 March 2016
Research led by the Head of Hudson’s Centre for Genetic Diseases has found that combining the healthy parts of two eggs could significantly help a woman to become pregnant during IVF. Read more.>

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The Daily Telegraph
Perth Now
The Courier Mail
The Adelaide Advertiser

Einstein A Go Go, 3RRR 102.7FM, 20 March 2016
A/Prof Tim Moss and Dr Rebecca Lim from The Ritchie Centre chatted to Dr Shane about why some babies are born premature, and some of the research they are doing to improve the health outcomes for these tiny patients. Listen here.>

Monash Leader, Patient care advances, 15 March 2016
Scientists and clinicians on the cusp of medical breakthroughs will be closer to patients at a new $84 million Translational Research Facility, after its official opening by Federal Minister for Health, Sussan Ley. Read more.>

60 Minutes, Saving baby Willow, Sunday, 6 March 2016
60 Minutes was granted unprecedented access to document the journey of baby Willow and her parents, John and Sam Turcinovic, over four months and during two lifesaving operations to remove a potentially deadly cyst on her lung.

A team of clinicians led by Dr Ryan Hodges, Head of Perinatal Services at Monash Health and Hudson Institute Ritchie Centre postdoctoral fellow, conducted two life-saving operations on Willow – one while she was still in the womb, and a second operation when she was 13 days old when the cyst returned.

Watch the 60 Minutes ‘Extra Minutes’ segment on baby Willow here.

See related coverage here: The Daily Mail, Mama Mia.

The Independent, People start ageing even before birth, study finds, Sunday, 6 March 2016
A research paper led by the University of Cambridge, discovered that giving pregnant women antioxidants would probably prevent or delay some types of cell damage and allow their children to age more slowly in adulthood.

Lead author on the paper, Dr Beth Allison, has now returned to Ritchie Centre at Hudson Institute of Medical Research and Monash University. Read the full story.

Herald Sun, First baby breaths to fight disease, Friday, 4 March 2016
The first few breaths of life for premature and high-risk babies will be the focus of a $6.2M, five-year collaborative research program, which will be led by The Ritchie Centre in the Hudson Institute of Medical Research and Monash University. Read the full story.


ABC 7.30, IVF industry criticised for ‘misleading claims’ and ‘aggressive marketing’, 9 February 2016
Hudson’s Professor Alan Trounson gives his view on the ethics of IVF industry marketing. View the full story.

Reuters Health Information, Dose-Dependent Hypercalciuria Linked With Deferasirox, 3 February 2016
Article on Dr Philip Wong’s research on the connection between deferasirox, bone loss and kidney stones. Read the full story.