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  • Hudson News: Winter 2024

    …(women are frequently excluded from clinical trials) and less likely to have their pain taken seriously. In this issue Endometriosis advocates: two women, one goal Endometriosis biobank tackles diagnosis and……  Read more

    Professor Elizabeth Hartland, Director and CEO of Hudson Institute
  • Endometriosis advocates: two women, one goal

    Like most endometriosis sufferers, Maddy Forster went from knowing very little about the disease to being something of an expert – she now calls herself an endometriosis advocate – but……  Read more

  • Endometriosis biobank tackles diagnosis and treatment

    Professor Caroline Gargett has spent decades working to address the two major issues presented by endometriosis: diagnostic delay and poor treatment options. Endometriosis is a disease affecting women where tissue……  Read more

    Professor Caroline Gargett in the lab
  • Inner Wheel Foundation: successful science

    …TODAY IN THIS ISSUE OF HUDSON NEWS WINTER 2024 13 May 2024 Hudson News: Winter 2024 13 May 2024 Endometriosis advocates: two women, one goal 13 May 2024 Endometriosis biobank……  Read more

    (L-R): Dianne Barlow, A62 District Cord Blood Research Coordinator with Dr Suzie Miller, Centre Head of Ritchie Centre
  • 2024 flu season guide: staying well

    …Hudson News: Winter 2024 13 May 2024 Endometriosis advocates: two women, one goal 13 May 2024 Endometriosis biobank tackles diagnosis and treatment 13 May 2024 Inner Wheel Foundation: successful science……  Read more

    What it feels like to have the flu, by Georgia (11)
  • Endometriosis research gets a double funding boost

    endometriosis“ received $37,200 from Endometriosis Australia and Dr Gurung hopes it will be a springboard into developing new avenues to manage and treat endometriosis. “Our work will investigate antimicrobial peptides……  Read more

    Shanti Gurung Endometriosis Researcher
  • Hudson Institute’s 2023 Emerging Leaders

    …Research Fellow. Her research aims to fill a significant gap in our understanding of endometrial related pathologies, including endometriosis, and infertility, ultimately leading to improved pregnancy outcomes and women’s health….…  Read more

    L-R: Dr Sarah Moody, Dr Nicole Campbell, Dr Rukmali Wijayarathna, Dr Harriet Fitzgerald, Dr Caroline Skene and Dr Emily Gulliver
  • Endometriosis research in focus on the airwaves

    …as the realities of living with endometriosis. Among the worrying facts shared were that endometriosis affects as many Australians as asthma and diabetes, but receives only a fraction of the……  Read more

    Dr Fiona Cousins, Endometriosis RRR broadcast
  • Big ideas attract big funding

    …of endometriosis. The team will investigate whether IFNε can be used as an innovative treatment for endometriosis.   Targeting pyroptosis to limit the severity of influenza virus infections Associate Professor……  Read more

    Hudson Institute researchers have featured prominently among the latest recipients of 2022 NHMRC Ideas Grants.
  • Helping women with endometriosis

    endometriosis.” Tailored endometriosis treatment Their endometriosis latest findings, published in the Journal of Personalized Medicine, further expand the potential of menstrual fluid to be used for a range of treatment……  Read more

    Professor Caroline Gargett Dr Caitlin Filby and endometriosis patient Nicole Fernley at Hudson Institute