Targeting IL-1β for prevention of inflammation-induced brain injury in premature infants

Research area

 |  preterm birth, inflammation


 |  inflammation, neuropathological assessment, cardiovascular


 |  PhD/Doctorate, Honours, Masters

Project description

Inflammation-induced brain injury remains one of the main causes of disability after premature birth. There is no effective treatment. The pro-inflammatory cytokine interleukin-1β (IL-1β) has been implicated in inflammation –induced brain injury through activation of cerebral microglia (the brain’s resident immune cell) however it remains unclear whether this association is causal.

This project is aimed at understanding the role of IL-1β in inflammation-induced preterm brain injury and evaluating whether an FDA approved IL-1 receptor antagonist can improve outcomes.

Research techniques: Fetal surgery, electronic fetal monitoring of brain activity, movement, breathing and cardiovascular function. Neuropathological assessment using immunohistochemistry and molecular biology.