Too much inflammation in a newborn brain is a primary cause of life-long cognitive, language and movement disorders. My research studies the mechanisms that disrupt fetal and newborn brain development to identify targeted treatments and methods to detect brain injury faster for better outcomes.

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Dr Robert Galinsky, Research Group Head, Perinatal Inflammation and Neurophysiology at Hudson Institute

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Cerebral Palsy Preterm birth

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Perinatal Inflammation and Neurophysiology


Dr Robert Galinsky is a fetal physiologist with a specific interest in developmental neuroscience. He has made significant contributions to understanding the patho-mechanisms of perinatal brain injury that have informed clinical practice guidelines and underpinned clinical trials for neuroprotective interventions in the fetal and newborn brain.

His research focuses on identifying the cellular and physiological mechanisms that trigger abnormal development in the fetal and newborn brain. Using these discoveries, Dr Galinsky’s goal is to develop new diagnostics and therapeutics aimed at preventing brain injury and life-long disability in our smallest and sickest patients.

Dr Robert Galinsky utilises a combination of preclinical trials, biomedical engineering, biomolecular analyses, and clinical samples. This allows his team to identify molecular and physiological signatures of brain cell damage, and ultimately discover injury biomarkers that guide the delivery of new therapeutics to repair or prevent damage in the injured newborn brain.

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