Sex differences in common diseases and drug responses

Research area

 |  sex differences


 |  Parkinson's disease, autism, sex differences, animal models, therapeutics


 |  PhD/Doctorate, Honours, Masters

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Professor Vincent Harley

Project description

Many diseases show sex differences in incidence, progression or age of onset. Furthermore, treatment of diseases differs between the sexes, with females showing 50-75% more adverse reactions to common medications than males. Despite this, outcomes from research studies are often applied to women based on experimental evidence from men. We have developed a model that determines the basis of sex differences, whether hormonal and/or chromosomal. The so-called ‘Four Core Genotypes’ (FCG) rat model can be applied to any disease that shows a sex difference in prevalence, severity, susceptibility, or drug efficacy. In collaboration, we will apply this model to several common diseases affecting the developing and ageing brain, including Parkinson’s disease and autism, as well as novel therapeutics we have identified to treat these diseases.