Revolutionizing Breast Cancer Immunotherapy: Unveiling Novel Vaccine Targets

Research area

 |  immunotherapy


 |  breast cancer immunotherapy, neo-antigen discovery, immunopeptidomics, HLA, precision medicine, immunogenicity, clinical validation, biomarker discovery, proteomics, cancer research, scientific innovation


 |  PhD/Doctorate, Honours, Masters

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Dr Pouya Faridi

Dr Terry Lim

Project description

Breast cancer, a globally prevalent and challenging disease, continues to impact countless lives. Unlocking the full potential of cancer immunotherapies, such as vaccines and adoptive cell therapies, holds immense promise in improving treatment outcomes. Recent advancements in mass spectrometry, proteomics, and bioinformatics have illuminated a path towards precision medicine, offering renewed hope for patients. However, a significant challenge persists: only a fraction of the tumour peptides identified through immunopeptidomics strategies possess true immunogenicity, capable of eliciting therapeutically relevant immune responses.

HLA and Immunopeptidomics | Human leukocyte antigens (HLA), the guardians of our immune system, play a pivotal role in presenting peptides derived from intracellular proteins to immune cells. The knowledge about the peptide repertoire presented by HLA holds the key to unlocking target-specific cancer immunotherapies. Our project is dedicated to pioneering the discovery and comprehensive characterization of novel tumour neo-antigens, recognizing them as the key to unlocking the full potential of immunotherapy.

Project Objectives

Neo-Antigen Discovery | Utilize cutting-edge immunopeptidomics, advanced bioinformatics, and mass spectrometry techniques to identify and categorize a diverse range of novel tumour neo-antigens for breast cancer immunotherapy.

Immunogenicity Screening Pipeline | Develop a state-of-the-art immunogenicity screening pipeline that meticulously evaluates and prioritizes neo-antigens based on their potential to elicit potent, therapeutically relevant immune responses.

Clinical Validation | Rigorously validate the immunogenicity of identified neo-antigens by detecting and characterizing specific T-cell responses in the blood of breast cancer patients. This groundbreaking achievement will revolutionize the development of advanced immunoassays, transforming the monitoring of tumour antigen-specific immune responses in patients undergoing immunotherapies.

Project Benefits

Optimized Breast Cancer Treatment | This project offers new horizons for breast cancer patients, promising a more precise, targeted, and effective approach to treatment.

Pioneering Research | Engage in groundbreaking research, working with experts in the field to foster an environment of scientific innovation.

Clinical Advancements | Contribute to the development of cutting-edge immunoassays, poised to redefine the standards of monitoring and efficacy assessment in breast cancer immunotherapies.

Project Requirements

Passion for Cancer Research | We are seeking individuals driven by an unwavering passion to make a profound impact in the realm of oncology, with a particular focus on breast cancer treatment.

Strong Research Foundation | Ideal candidates should possess a robust academic and research background, preferably in areas spanning cancer biology, immunology, or bioinformatics.

Innovation and Dedication | We value creativity, innovation, and unwavering dedication to advancing the frontier of cancer research.