Impact of ethnicity on the prevalence and aetiology of hypertension

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 |  hypertension


 |  hypertension, ethnicity


 |  PhD/Doctorate, Masters

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Associate Professor Jun Yang

Dr StellaMay Gwini

Project description

Ethnic differences exist in the pathogenesis, prevalence and complications of hypertension. There is a body of work on the high prevalence of low-renin, salt-sensitive hypertension in African people, primarily described in Africa and America. What is the prevalence of hypertension in African people living in Australia? What proportion have an identifiable secondary cause for their hypertension and should their treatment be personalised to reflect the aetiology? Apart from the ethnic difference in blood pressure described in the African population, there is little information about other ethnic groups. Given the multicultural composition of the Australian society, we are perfectly positioned to examine the prevalence and aetiology of hypertension in ethnically diverse groups so as to develop the most effective diagnostic and treatment approaches for the control of their hypertension.