Illuminating Disease Frontiers – Advancing Biomarker Discovery with Soluble HLA Immunopeptidomics and Olink Proteomics

Research area

 |  biomarker discovery


 |  biomarker discovery, soluble HLA immunopeptidomics, precision medicine, mass spectrometry, proteomics, early disease detection, Olink's technology, clinical validation, personalized medicine, scientific innovation


 |  PhD/Doctorate, Honours, Masters

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Dr Pouya Faridi

Dr Terry Lim

Project description

In the ever-evolving landscape of medical research, the pursuit of innovative solutions to combat cancer and autoimmune diseases remains at the forefront. The potential of biomarkers to redefine early diagnosis and tailored treatments has never been more promising. Recent advances in mass spectrometry, proteomics, and bioinformatics have kindled a new era of precision medicine, sparking a renaissance of hope for patients worldwide. Yet, a formidable challenge persists: the identification and characterization of biomarkers with true clinical significance.

Soluble HLA Immunopeptidomics | Enter the remarkable world of Soluble Human Leukocyte Antigens (HLA), the conductors of our immune symphony. These enigmatic molecules orchestrate the presentation of intracellular peptides to immune cells, unlocking the gateway to precise diagnostics and targeted therapies. Our project embarks on a journey to pioneer the discovery and comprehensive characterization of novel biomarkers, viewing them as the linchpin to redefine the landscape of disease diagnosis and treatment.

Olink Technology | In our quest for scientific excellence, we harness the cutting-edge capabilities of Olink technology, an invaluable asset in deciphering the intricate molecular tapestry of biomarkers. Olink’s innovative platforms empower us to delve deeper into the realm of soluble HLA immunopeptidomics, enhancing our ability to unveil hidden biomarker treasures with unparalleled precision.

Project Objectives

Biomarker Odyssey | Employ cutting-edge soluble HLA immunopeptidomics synergized with advanced bioinformatics and mass spectrometry techniques to unveil a diverse array of novel biomarkers. These biomarkers hold the potential to revolutionize the diagnosis and treatment of cancer and autoimmune diseases.

Immunogenicity Mastery | Forge an avant-garde biomarker screening pipeline, meticulously assessing and prioritizing biomarkers based on their potential to serve as diagnostic beacons or therapeutic targets, ushering in an era of tailored medicine.

Clinical Enlightenment | Embark on rigorous clinical validation studies, unveiling the efficacy of identified biomarkers. By detecting and characterizing specific immune responses in patients, we aim to empower early disease detection and personalized treatment strategies.

Project Benefits

Revolutionary Disease Management | This project presents an opportunity to rewrite the rules of disease management, offering patients the gift of early diagnosis and precision treatments for cancer and autoimmune diseases.

Pioneering Scientific Discovery | Collaborate on cutting-edge research alongside leading experts, cultivating an environment primed for scientific innovation and ground-breaking breakthroughs.

Clinical Advancements | Contribute to the development of avant-garde diagnostic and therapeutic approaches, poised to redefine the standards of modern disease management.

Project Requirements

Passion for Scientific Exploration | We seek individuals driven by an unwavering passion to unravel the mysteries of disease detection and treatment, redefining the future of medicine.

Solid Research Foundation | Ideal candidates should possess a robust academic and research background, preferably in fields spanning biology, immunology, or bioinformatics.

Innovation and Dedication | Place a premium on creativity, innovation, and relentless dedication to advancing the frontiers of medical research.

How to Apply

Prospective candidates are invited to submit their applications, which should include a comprehensive CV and a cover letter articulating their qualifications, research experience, and steadfast motivation to contribute to this transformative research endeavour. Together, we shall illuminate the path toward redefining disease management, offering renewed hope to those battling cancer and autoimmune diseases.