Establish a national PA registry to enable comprehensive data collection

Research area

 |  primary aldosteronism


 |  primary aldosteronism, hypertension, clinical registry


 |  PhD/Doctorate, Honours, Masters

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Associate Professor Jun Yang

Project description

Clinical registries play an important role in measuring healthcare delivery, supporting quality improvement and evaluating clinical outcomes, particularly in the long term. There are no formal PA registries in Australia. This is in contrast to other countries which lead the research in PA, including China (CONPASS PA Study Group), Japan (JPAS), Taiwan (TAIPAI) and Germany (German Conn’s Registry). Based on our existing databases, we will develop a multicentre registry to systematically collect comorbidities, diagnostic parameters and long-term outcomes of patients with PA, both in and outside of clinical trials. The database will capture the long-term health and economic impact of PA screening and management strategies, and set the standard for future guidelines and policies.