Dr Vijesh Vaghjiani is a member of the Developmental and Cancer Biology Research group in the Centre for Cancer Research.

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Dr Vijesh Vaghjiani researches bone cancer.

Areas of interest

Childhood cancer Lung cancer

Research group

Developmental and Cancer Biology


Dr Vijesh Vaghjiani is a Postdoctoral Scientist with the Developmental and Cancer Biology research group and the Sarcoma program.

Dr Vaghjiani’s research program focuses on understanding the oncogenic roles of embryonic signalling pathways in cancer. He is particularly interested in the Hedgehog signalling pathway that is strongly implicated in a variety of both paediatric and adult cancers. Dr Vaghjiani’s work utilises robust in vitro and in vivo preclinical models of Hedgehog-dependent cancer to investigate the mechanisms leading to tumorigenesis and progression as well as the identification and validation of biomarkers and specific pathway inhibitors. His current work focuses on developing multi-pronged approaches to exploit vulnerability of cancers with activated hedgehog signalling. He is interested in understanding the mechanisms of pathway activation in hedgehog ligand-driven tumorigenesis. Dr Vaghjiani is a recipient of Victorian Cancer Agency Early-Career Research Fellow investigating hedgehog signalling in osteosarcoma.

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