Dr Minni Änkö

Dr Minni Änkö is a member of the Centre for Cancer Research.

Dr Minni Änkö, Research Group Head of the Functional RNAomics Research Group at Hudson Institute.


Dr Minni (Minna-Liisa) Änkö holds a joint honorary appointment at the Centre for Reproductive Health and the Centre for Cancer Research.

Dr Änkö obtained her PhD from the Åbo Akademi University in Finland. She was a post-doctoral fellow at the Max Planck Institute of Cell Biology and Genetics, in Dresden, Germany 2006-2011, supported by a Sigrid Juselius Foundation Post-doctoral Fellowship. Dr Änkö moved to Australia in 2011 when she received a Jane and Aatos Erkko Foundation Fellowship, and worked as a visiting scientist at the Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute, Monash University. She then continued her research as a senior research fellow at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute (2012-2013) until establishing her independent laboratory at the Monash University in 2014 and relocating to Hudson Institute in 2018.

In 2022, Dr Änkö became an associate professor at Tampere University and currently holds an honorary position at Hudson Institute with multiple collaborative projects within the Hudson Institute.

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