A Scientific Fellow of the Royal College of Pathologists Australia, Associate Professor Elizabeth Algar is a Co-Chief Investigator on the AIM Brain project that has led to the successful implementation and NATA accreditation of a new diagnostic testing platform for paediatric brain cancers at the Victorian Clinical Genetics Service. With the AIM Brain project now complete, there remain many interesting research questions to be asked of the data generated and collaborations with Hudson researchers, Prof Ron Firestein and Dr Jason Cain in the area of paediatric cancer molecular genetics, are continuing. She previously (2012-2019) played a leading role in developing molecular pathology and molecular genetics on the Monash Health campus, in addition to managing an active research program in paediatric cancer.

Her significant body of work spanning the fields of paediatric cancer, human genetics, molecular diagnostics and enzymology comprises 75 peer-reviewed research papers and book chapters and includes citations in the Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man (OMIM) database.

Selected publications

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