Dr Daniel Gough from the STAT Cancer Biology Research Group at Hudson Institute

Associate Professor Daniel Gough, Victorian Cancer Agency Mid-Career Fellow

A/Prof Daniel Gough is Head of the STAT Cancer Biology research group in Hudson Institute’s Centre for Cancer Research. A biochemist and cancer biologist, A/Prof Gough’s research focuses on signal transduction pathways, which engage the Signal Transducer and Activator of Transcription (STAT) proteins in normal development, and how these pathways are altered in childhood cancers.

After completing his BSc (2000) and BSc (Hons) (2001) in the Department of Pathology at the University of Melbourne, and PhD (2006) at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, A/Prof Gough moved to New York University in the USA for postdoctoral training with Professor David E Levy (Dr Louis A. Schneider Professor of Molecular Pathology and Professor of Microbiology, and Associate Dean for Collaborative Science). During this time, A/Prof Gough defined a mitochondrial and metabolic role for STAT3, which is necessary for cancers driven by Ras mutation. In 2012, A/Prof Gough was recruited to return to Australia to start his laboratory where he and his team use protein chemistry, molecular biology, animal models and human tissue to identify actionable alterations in cell signalling networks that drive cancers.

Selected publications

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