Billy Chen is a member of the Translational Antigen Discovery Research group in the Centre for Cancer Research.

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Areas of interest

Childhood cancer

Research group

Translational Antigen Discovery

Billy Chen


Masters student

Research Centre:

Centre for Cancer Research

Area of study:

Proteasomal splicing


Year of enrolment:


Why did you choose Hudson Institute and your research group?

I am interested in cell biology, especially the cell metabolism. I did not know a lot about proteasome before I joined this project, so I still want to explore this topic. Hudson Institute is a good place for me to do this research because of its high standard of researching medicine and biotechnology.

What is your research about and what do you hope to achieve?

My research is relevant to the interplays of peptide hydrolysis and splicing in human 20S proteasome elucidations. The proteasome splicing is related to the production and function of many important molecules in human bodies such as human leucocyte antigen (HLA), which is essential for adaptive immunity. The project aims to explore the rules of proteasomal splicing, as well as its characteristics and driving force.

What is it like being a student at Hudson Institute?

It is a great experience for me. I have learnt about how to work in a lab environment and learning new skills such as cell culture and flow cytometry. There are also some interesting activities in Hudson Institute like morning tea's. The fortnightly seminars also expand my knowledge and help me learn more about the area of medicine and biochemistry.