Dr Beth Allison is a member of the Perinatal Cardiovascular Physiology Research group in the The Ritchie Centre.

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Dr Beth Allison from the Neurodevelopment and Neuroprotection Research Group at Hudson Institute

Research group

Perinatal Cardiovascular Physiology


Dr Beth Allison is a vascular physiologist with a strong interest in the developmental programming of health and disease. Beth is a recipient of the NHMRC Investigator Grant and works with the Neurodevelopment and Neuroprotection and the Perinatal Transition research group in The Ritchie Centre.

Beth obtained her PhD from Monash University in 2008 working with Professor Stuart Hooper and Dr Kelly Crossley where she studied the role of mechanical ventilation in the development of lung injury in very preterm fetal sheep.

Beth’s research focuses on how the cardiovascular system grows and develops in fetuses who do not receive enough oxygen and nutrients in utero. Through the use of large preclinical models her group hopes to identify how low oxygen and nutrient supply throughout gestation impacts on the cardiovascular system in the immediate perinatal period as well as into young adulthood. With this knowledge, Beth aims to target specific changes therapeutically to reduce the life long burden following a sub-optimal pregnancy.

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