A week of celebrations for LGBT+STEM

Hudson Institute is kicking off a week of virtual celebrations around LGBT+STEM day, starting with a seminar on Thursday, 12 November.

Dr Erin McGillick Dr Beth Allison and Belinda Pelle at 2019 LGBT+STEM Day at Hudson Institute of Medical Research
L–R: Dr Erin McGillick, Dr Beth Allison and Belinda Pelle at 2019 LGBT+STEM Day at Hudson Institute

The event marks the official launch of Hudson Ally Network with the distribution of rainbow pins for staff and students to wear and show their support as an ally.

Two guest speakers will share their experiences with staff and students – Professor Lisa Harvey-Smith, the Australian Government’s Women in STEM Ambassador and a Professor of Practice in Science Communication at The University of New South Wales, and Professor Alice Pébay, an NHMRC Senior Research Fellow at the University of Melbourne.

Hudson Ally Network was instigated by Dr Erin McGillick and Dr Beth Allison, who sit on the Institute’s Equity and Diversity Committee.

Dr McGillick, NHMRC Early Career Research Fellow in the Fetal and Neonatal Health Research Group said it was a proud moment launching the Hudson Institute LGBT+ Ally Network.

“We have been heartened to see the support from our community wearing their Hudson rainbow pins. We look forward to continuing to grow this employee led network to promote visibility and inclusivity whereby all staff and students can feel comfortable being their authentic self both personally and professionally at the institute.”

Dr Beth Allison, NHMRC Emerging Leader in the Perinatal Transition Group, said, “We are so lucky to have two amazing speakers presenting their perspectives on inclusivity and visibility. We can’t wait for everyone to get involved. Don’t forget to show your support by putting up the Hudson Zoom background!”

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