Dr Andrew Stephens

Dr Andrew Stephens is a member of the Hudson Institute.

Dr Andrew Stephens from the Ovarian Cancer Biomarkers Research Group at Hudson Institute


Dr Andrew Stephens is an Honorary Research Associate in the Centre for Cancer Research. Dr Stephens completed his PhD at Monash University prior to holding postdoctoral positions at the University of Sydney and Prince Henry’s Institute.  In 2009, he established the Ovarian Cancer Biomarkers group, to specifically drive new research into the design and development of diagnostic tools, and to improve the detection and management of ovarian cancers.

Dr Stephens is passionate about reducing mortality from ovarian cancer, and has developed a strong and comprehensive research portfolio. Together with his team, he has published extensively and holds several patents detailing new diagnostic and therapeutic technologies for ovarian cancer management. A public advocate for ovarian cancer research and long-standing Fellow of the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation, he is committed to translating research into practice.

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