Monash Tech School pilot at Hudson Institute

By Hudson Institute communications

Monash Tech School students visited Hudson Institute to learn about the technologies that enable life-saving medical research, and the many different careers in science as part of an eight week trial program.

Students from Monash Tech School at Hudson Institute.

Each Wednesday, up to 20 Year 9 students have toured our Technology Platforms and heard from MHTP Strategic Initiatives Manager, Ms Vivien Vasic and Research Group Head, Associate Professor Ashley Mansell.

Hudson Institute ran the pilot program in conjunction with Monash Tech School, one of two tech schools opened by the Victorian Government to encourage engagement, retention and achievement in in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

Hudson Institute was involved in the Superhealth component of the course, which also includes practical activities and tours of a food factory and technology site.

A/Prof Mansell explained the process and wide variety of roles involved in healthcare delivery, from the doctor who diagnoses a patient with a disease, to pathologists and platform technologists who perform tests and medical researchers working on new treatments.

“This program provides an excellent opportunity to engage students in science and biomedical endeavours, expanding their understanding and appreciation of how medical science impacts their daily lives. Programs like this benefit the next generation of health professionals, while also expanding our outreach to the community,” he said.

Students from Monash Tech School at Hudson Institute, listening to presentations.

Ms Vivien Vasic and MHTP platform technologies staff including Dr Gordon McPhee, Michael Thompson, Dr Sarah Elgass, Shane Cheung and Dr Trevor Wilson led the students through tours of the Institute’s technology platforms – from microscopy, to cell therapies and medical genomics.

Ten local secondary schools in the City of Monash are partnering with Monash Tech School to give students exposure to real-world experiences in STEM that complement and build upon their existing studies.

The School offers programs focused on design thinking, prototyping and product delivery within the medical and pharmaceutical technology and new energy technologies sectors. The learning and experiences incorporate industry, tertiary and research specialists in the design and delivery to ensure students gain the skills and capabilities required of workers in the future.

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