Hudson CEO appointed to NHMRC Council

By Hudson Institute communications

Hudson Institute of Medical Research has again been recognised as a leader in its field, with Director and CEO Professor Elizabeth Hartland appointed to the Council of the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC).

Professor Elizabeth Hartland appointed to NHMRC Council.
Professor Elizabeth Hartland

Prof Hartland will join 12 other leading medical researchers, academics, clinicians and administrators on the NHMRC Council, which is the nation’s peak body for expert advice on health, research ethics and funding for research.

Her 3-year term begins immediately, and she joins a distinguished group entrusted with the responsibility of guiding Australians’ current and future health.

“This is clearly a crucial time for the medical sector,” Prof Hartland said. “It has never been more important to ensure that Australians have access to authoritative, evidence-based health advice.”

Prof Hartland is an international leader in the field of microbiology and immunology who brings a wealth of experience to the role beyond her specialty area of microbial drug resistance.

She has held a Royal Society/NHMRC Howard Florey Fellowship in the Department of Biochemistry, Imperial College London and Lecturer/Senior Lecturer positions at Monash University.

As well as her role at Hudson Institute, which she has held since 2017, Prof Hartland is Head of the Department of Molecular and Translational Science at Monash University.

“As the nation’s leading expert body in health and medical research the NHMRC Council has a proud history of serving and protecting Australians; I look forward to the opportunity to play a part in that vital work,” she said.

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