Australian Research Council (ARC) Future Fellowship

By Hudson Institute communications

Dr Kate Lawlor has been awarded a prestigious ARC Future Fellowship to further her research into cell death.

The Future Fellowships scheme supports research in areas of critical national importance by giving outstanding researchers incentives to conduct their research in Australia. The aim of the Future Fellowships scheme is to attract and retain the best and brightest mid-career researchers.

Associate Professor Kate Lawlor from the Cell Death and Inflammatory Signalling Research Group at Hudson Institute

Programmed cell death signalling in innate immunity

Dr Kate Lawlor

ARC Future Fellowship

This research program aims to address the under-explored potential for programmed cell death to promote a critical and fundamental biological process, innate immune cell signalling.

Using innovative interdisciplinary approaches, the program will generate new knowledge in the areas of cell death and innate signalling and discover new molecules that impact innate inflammatory responses.

It is expected that the identification of molecules (or enhancing our understanding of cell death) and the building of scientific collaborations on this important topic will provide significant benefit to the economy and health of Australians.

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