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By Hudson Institute communications

Congratulations to Professor Kate Loveland and her team who have been awarded an ARC Discovery Project grant to further her research in male fertility.

In addition, Professor Vincent Harley was awarded a grant in collaboration with Monash University.  The Discovery Projects scheme supports research that expands Australia’s knowledge base and research capacity as well as the economic, commercial, environmental, social and/or cultural benefits.

Professor Kate Loveland from the Testis Development and Male Germ Cell Biology Research Group at Hudson Institute

Control of developmental switches

Professor Kate Loveland

ARC Discovery Grant : 2020–2022

Amount: $510,000

Co-investigators: Mark Baker, Robin Hobbs, Eileen McLaughlin

This project will study a key molecular switch required for cells and organs to form and function normally, and reveal how it works. The work will provide the first complete description of how this molecular switch controls the behaviour of a cell across its lifespan.  The new knowledge will reveal how this switch controls the formation of sperm by revealing what other proteins it binds to and how this affects cell signalling and responses to the environment. It is expected this will provide information about potential interventions to control fertility or to repair abnormal cells.

Professor Vincent Harley from the Sex Development Research Group at Hudson Institute

Genetic regulation of avian sex determination

Professor Vincent Harley (CIB)

ARC Discovery Grant 2020–2022

Amount: $538,000

Co-investigators: Associate Professor Craig Smith, Professor Vincent Harley, Dr Olivier Serralbo

This project aims to enhance our understanding of gonadal sex determination (the development of testis versus ovary), using innovative genetic approaches to define the key regulatory molecular events in birds. It intends to enhance knowledge in the area of cell biology, embryology, and sex determination specifically.

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