2018 Hudson Institute Equity Awards

The Hudson Institute Equity Travel Awards assists a staff member who has a career disruption to progress their research and career development.

Dr Genevieve Pepin - The Hudson Institute Equity Travel Awards Recipient.

Dr Genevieve Pepin
Centre for Innate Immunity and Infectious Diseases
Research Group:
Nucleic Acids and Innate Immunity
Supervisor: Dr Michael Gantier

The award will enable Genevieve to present her data at the International Cytokines and Interferon Society meeting 2018 (ICIS), held in Boston.

“This is a great opportunity to foster new collaborations and learn about the new discoveries in the field of innate immunity in the context of auto-inflammatory disorders and cancer,” said Dr Pepin.

In addition, Dr Pepin will also use this travel to give talks in Canada where she has been invited to discuss her research.

Dr Ellen Menkhorst - The Hudson Institute Equity Travel Awards Recipient.

Dr Ellen Menkhorst
Centre for Reproductive Health
Research Group: Embryo Implantation
Supervisor: Professor Vincent Harley

Ellen is attending the Society for Reproductive Biology 50th Jubilee and the Australian and New Zealand Placental Research Association meetings in Adelaide.

Dr Menkhorst’s research aims to uncover the root cause of diseases of pregnancy such as recurrent miscarriage and preeclampsia.

“The award will allow me to meet face to face with collaborators to discuss and progress research findings,” said Dr Menkhorst.

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