RNAte Technology Platform

The RNAte Technology Platform is designed to address the need for testing the immunoreactivity of RNA-based products, especially in established human cell models. The platform places a high priority on human induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) models for sensitive and accurate detection of immune responses.

Dr Natalia Sampaio in the RNAte Platform lab at Hudson Institute

Leveraging robotic automation in testing services enables high throughput applications for library screening or testing of different conditions, thereby aiding the optimisation of new product development. Using iPSC models can reduce the risk of clinical trials failure and has the potential to accelerate the development of new RNA and mRNA products in the manufacturing pipeline.

Currently working towards NATA ISO:9001/GLP guidelines, the RNAte Technology Platform offers high throughput product screening using human macrophage cell lines. The service is available to academic researchers and commercial entities seeking to gain product assessment.

The RNAte Technogy Platform currently proposes two main types of services

  1. Product screening and profiling
  2. Patient sample testing

Utilizing human macrophage cell lines for standard testing and iPSC technology for advanced evaluations, RNAte services can ensure a thorough examination of immunoreactivity, inflammation, and overall product response profile. The screening service can be directed to the testing of agonistic activities as well as tailored antagonistic effects.

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Dr Esther Ling | Facility Manager
RNAte Technology Platform
Hudson Institute of Medical Research | Translational Research Facility
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Dr Sarah Straub | Development Scientist
RNAte Technology Platform
Hudson Institute of Medical Research | Translational Research Facility
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e: sarah.straub@rnate.com.au

Natalia Sampaio RNA on RRREinstein A Go-Go: An RNA Special Broadcast

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