Precision Medicine for Childhood Brain Cancer

Research area

 |  precision therapy


 |  cancer, genetics, paediatrics, brain cancer, CRISPR, drug screens, genomics, personalised medicine, precision therapy


 |  PhD/Doctorate, Honours, Masters

Project description

This project is part of the Victorian Paediatric Cancer Consortium and marks a significant investment in future clinical management and novel research discovery in childhood cancer. The project aims to identify new therapies for childhood brain cancer. Please see our recent paper in Cancer Cell (Sun X., Daniel P., et al Cancer Cell, 2023). The program includes

The development of a living tumour biobank for paediatric solid tumours

At present, very few reliable patient-derived preclinical models are available to researchers. To bridge this gap, our program will establish and bank organoid, cell lines, and xenograft models directly from childhood tumour tissue. The establishment of a living biobank for paediatric solid tumours will provide a critical renewable resource for local, national and international researchers.

The establishment of a functional genomics pipeline

We capitalise on the living biobank tumour samples to integrate genomic data (next generation sequencing) with functional data obtained from high-throughput genetic (Cas9/CRISPR) and results from global pharmacological drug screens.

Translation of genomic data into targeted therapy

The comprehensive molecular analysis of individual patient tumours will help identify both new and existing therapies that can be rapidly implemented in the clinic. This approach will facilitate clinical implications of data from the functional genomics pipeline for individual paediatric patients.

Unique national and global collaborations

The establishment of a living biobank and functional genomic testing for paediatric solid tumours provides a critical resource for local, national and international researchers. Thus, a key element of the program includes national and international stakeholders’ involvement to build expertise, share resources and disseminate results that will advance the field of precision medicine for paediatric cancer patients.