Neural stem cell therapy for preterm brain injury

Research area

 |  cerebral palsy, preterm birth


 |  neural stem cells, neuroprotection, cerebral palsy, preterm brain injury


 |  PhD/Doctorate, Honours

Project description

Neural stem cells (NSCs) offer great promise as a neuroprotective therapy against a range of neurological conditions, like cerebral palsy. NSC therapy has been shown in small animal models to reduce brain injury. However, NSCs have never been tested in a large animal model of preterm brain injury. In this project we will assess whether NSC transplanted directly into the preterm brain can engraft and regenerate damaged brain tissue.

For this project we will use our in-utero sheep model of umbilical cord occlusion to induce preterm brain injury and test early and late treatment with NSCs to determine the optimal time of NSC therapy. As part of this project, you will learn large animal surgery, fetal monitoring, brain immunohistochemistry, protein analysis and cell culture techniques.