Mapping endogenous ADAR1 expression in vivo.

Research area

 |  RNA modification, genetics


 |  RNA, innate immune, genetics


 |  Honours, Masters

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Professor Carl Walkley

Dr Jacki Heraud-Farlow

Project description

Our work is focussed on understanding the roles and functions of A-to-I RNA editing by the ADAR family of proteins. ADAR proteins can bind to RNA and change adenosine bases to inosine. Editing by ADAR1 is essential that cells can tell the difference between RNAs that are made by the cell and so not a threat compared to nucleic acids derived from pathogens such as viruses that invade the cell. We will use new models to understand the expression patterns of ADAR1 in vivo and to map it across cell types and organs. This will enable us to better understand how ADAR1 is expressed and regulated in vivo.