Creating a new generation of adjuvants for vaccine and cancer immunotherapy

Research area

 |  innate immunity


 |  Innate immunity, adjuvants, immune responses, cancer immunotherapy


 |  PhD/Doctorate, Honours, Masters

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Associate Professor Michael Gantier

Dr Sunil Sapkota

Project description

Our laboratory has recently discovered that select Toll like receptor agonists could be modified to present novel adjuvant properties – with broad implications in vaccine development and cancer treatments. This project will advance our knowledge of the therapeutic applications of our discovery using cutting age disease models to study immune responses – with a combination of in vitro and ex vivo experiments. It has the potential to revolutionise adjuvants (for instance leading to less frequent vaccinations in children), and reignite immune responses against cancer cells within the tumor microenvironment. Importantly, the successful candidate is guaranteed to publish peer-reviewed works related to their studies upon joining our laboratory (with a possible Thesis by publication stream for PhD students).