Dr Yichen Zhou is a member of the Centre for Cancer Research.

Yichen Zhou, Centre for Cancer Research at Hudson Institute


Dr Yichen Zhou is a postdoctoral researcher in the Centre for Cancer Research, working with the VPCC Next Generation Precision Medicine program led by Prof Ron Firestein.

Yichen completed her PhD with Prof Charles Mackay at Monash University in 2022. During her PhD, she investigated the role of gut microbiota and microbial metabolites in Alzheimer’s disease. After her PhD, Yichen Zhou joined iCamuno Biotherapeutics, and her project focussed on cancer cell therapies utilising induced pluripotent stem cell-derived natural killer cells.

In 2023, Yichen joined the Next Generation Precision Medicine program, where she is currently involved in high throughput functional genomics screens using CRISPR/Cas12 systems to map functional dependencies in diverse cell lines from human paediatric diffuse midline gliomas.

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