Dr Nicole Chew, Senior Organoid Specialist

Dr Nicole Chew is a member of the Centre for Cancer Research.

Nicole Chew, Children's Cancer Foundation Senior Organoid Specialist


Dr Nicole Chew is the Senior Organoid Specialist for the Next Generation Precision Medicine program, and joined the program in 2021. Her work involves generating cell lines, xenografts and organoids derived from paediatric brain tumours to identify therapeutic targets and biomarkers as potential treatment options using functional genomic screens.

Nicole graduated with first-class Honours in BSc and completed her PhD at Monash University under the supervision of Professor Roger Daly. During this time, Nicole investigated therapeutic targets and drug combinations for particular subtypes of breast cancer and liver cancer, utilising in vitro (including generation of inhibitor-resistant cell lines and organoids) and in vivo (PDX) models. Her research has identified novel targetable fusions and drug combinations as improved treatment strategies.

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