Dr Chonwerawong joined the Microbiota Systems Biology Research group in 2020 as a postdoctoral scientist and leads the Innate Immunity section of the research group. Her work focusses on understanding the role of the human microbiota in health and disease states, particularly how the microbiota interacts with the immune system in various sites such as the female reproductive tract, gut, lung, and bladder. She has developed a cutting-edge platform called the organ-on-a-chip technology which models cell and microbial systems in vitro, to enable in-depth characterisation of host-microbial interactions. Answering these key questions will contribute to the development of novel interventions and live biotherapeutics that target the microbiota. Dr Chonwerawong has published her work in leading journals in the field such as Gastroenterology and Mucosal Immunology.

Selected publications