Dr Marius Dannappel completed his PhD in the ‘Cluster of Excellence in Cellular Stress Responses in Aging-associated Diseases’ (CECAD) at the University of Cologne, Germany, at the end of 2015, where he worked on the regulation of cell death in the intestinal epithelium and its consequences on intestinal inflammation.

Dr Dannappel joined Hudson Institute in October 2017 and will investigate the function of Mediator Kinases for homeostasis and during initiation and progression of colorectal cancer using sophisticated genetic mouse models. In an additional effort, he will use tissue samples from patients to explore the therapeutic potential of Mediator Kinase inhibition for colorectal cancer treatment.

Selected publications

  • Vlantis K, Wullaert A, Polykratis A, Kondylis V, Dannappel M, Schwarzer R, Welz P, Corona T, Walczak H, Weih F, Klein U, Kelliher M, Pasparakis M (2016) NEMO prevents RIP Kinase-1-Mediated epithelial cell death and chronic intestinal inflammation by NF-κB-dependent and independent functions. Immunity 44:553-567.

  • Dannappel M*, Vlantis K*, Kumari S*, Polykratis A*, Kim C,Wachsmuth L, Eftychi C, Lin J, Corona T, Hermance N, Zelic M, Kirsch P, Basic M, Bleich A, Kelliher M, Pasparakis M (2014) RIPK1 maintains epithelial homeostasis by inhibiting apoptosis and Necroptosis. Nature 513:90-94 * shared first authorship