Metastatic ovarian cancer almost always recurs with current treatments commonly failing. Once advanced, therapies are focused on palliation. My research seeks to understand how ovarian cancer metastasises with the aim of developing much needed treatments.

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Dr Maree Bilandzic from the Ovarian Cancer Biomarkers Research Group at Hudson Institute investigates the deadliest ovarian cancer cells

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Ovarian cancer

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Metastasis Biology and Therapeutics


Dr Maree Bilandzic is a molecular cancer biologist and ovarian cancer advocate.

Dr Bilandzic’s research is focused on addressing a critical ovarian cancer clinical gap. By understanding the key drivers of metastasis, chemo-resistance and tumour-recurrence in ovarian cancer models Dr Bilandzic is working towards developing novel and implementable ways to effectively treat disease that addresses clinical and patient needs.

Dr Bilandzic has established a research niche in ovarian cancer metastasis by using novel methodologies and models representative of clinical disease and was the first scientist to identify and characterise leader cells in ovarian cancer.

This research is positioned directly at the interface between the laboratory and industry with potential for therapeutic approaches to address tumour invasion, metastasis and chemoresistance.

Dr Bilandzic has received significant commercial funding for her work (more than $3.5 million) from the MRFF-backed biotech incubator CUREator program and other investment. She has also been awarded funding of over $2 million from the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation, CASS Foundation, Fielding Foundation, Equity Trustees and Perpetual Impact grants.

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