Dr Hanbyeol Lee is a member of the Centre for Cancer Research.

Dr Hanbyeol Lee, Postdoctoral Scientist for the Centre for Cancer research at Hudson Institute.


Dr Hanbyeol Lee is Postdoctoral Scientist with the Next Generation Precision Medicine team, using functional genomic approaches to identify new therapeutic targets in childhood brain cancers.

Dr Lee undertook a Bachelor of Science (Biomedical Technology major) and completed her PhD at Kangwon National University in South Korea, where she investigated the therapeutic application of stem cells in human pulmonary disease. She had experience working in academia and bioindustry, and focused on widespread application of living organoids from stem cells to study infectious disease and genetic disorders in human cardiovascular disease.

At the conclusion of Dr Lee’s time in Korea, she then joined the Next Generation Precision Medicine team in 2023, led by Professor Ron Firestein, where she is expanding a strong interest in functional genomic screening to identify new therapeutic targets for children with brain cancers.

Currently, she is involved in conducting a project for high throughput functional genomics screens using CRISPR/Cas systems to map functional dependencies in diverse cell lines from human paediatric brain tumours.

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