Dr Farnaz Fahimi is a member of the Translational Antigen Discovery Research group in the Centre for Cancer Research.

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Farnaz Fahimi

Areas of interest

Childhood cancer

Research group

Translational Antigen Discovery


Dr Farnaz Fahimi is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Translational Antigen Discovery research group. She joined Dr Pouya Faridi’s lab in April 2024, with the aim of identifying novel cancer antigens and developing cutting-edge immunotherapy technologies.

Dr Fahimi completed her Bachelor and Master of Science in Biotechnology in Iran. During her master’s studies, she focused on isolating single-chain fragment variables (scFvs) against H.Pylori’s VacA toxin using phage libraries. She was awarded her PhD in 2023 at Monash University, where she focused on the development of a bispecific antibody (BsAb) targeting chemokine receptors and evaluated its synergistic efficacy in reducing resistance to checkpoint inhibitors, using mouse tumour models.

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