Dr Dongbin Jin is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Translational Antigen Discovery research group and has an Honorary Research Appointment at Hudson Institute.

Dr Jin undertook a Bachelor of Science in Biology major in China, and Master of Science in Cellular Immunology major in South Korea. He then did his PhD and postdoctoral research at the Garvan Institute in Sydney, under the supervision of Prof Jonathan Sprent. At Garvan, Dr Jin used preclinical models to develop novel vaccine technologies that can massively expand tumour killing T cells.

Dr Jin joined Dr Pouya Faridi’s laboratory in 2022 to develop highly effective cancer vaccines by combining his vaccine technologies with Dr Faridi’s novel cancer antigen discovery technologies.

Selected publications

  • Kim KS, Jin DB, Ahn SS, Park KS, Seo SH, Suh YS, Sung YC (2010) HIV-1 protease has a genetic T-cell adjuvant effect which is negatively regulated by proteolytic activity. Journal of Virology, 84:7743-7749.

  • Jin D, Sprent J (2018) GM-CSF Culture Revisited: Preparation of Bulk Populations of Highly Pure Dendritic Cells from Mouse Bone Marrow. The Journal of Immunology, 201:3129-3139.

  • Lim Kam Sian TCC, Goncalves G, Steele JR, Shamekhi T, Bramberger L, Jin D, Shahbazy M, Purcell AW, Ramarathinam S, Stoychev S, Faridi P (2023) SAPrIm, a semi-automated protocol for mid-throughput immunopeptidomics. Front Immunol, 14:1107576.

  • Jin D, Loh KL, Shamekhi T, Ting YT, Lim Kam Sian TCC, Roest J, Ooi JD, Vivian JP, Faridi P (2023) Engineering Cell Lines for Specific Human Leukocyte Antigen Presentation. Methods Mol Biol, 2691:351-369.